Monthly Clinics

Day Before: Trap Preparation

The night before the clinic our Trappers go out to round up the cats. They go to neighborhoods, small communities, and barns to collect ferals that haven’t been tipped yet so they can be brought into the next day’s clinic. They use traps like the ones you see here.

How do we keep track of all these cats? Watch the video above to find out!

Day Of: Clinic

We see The Clinic as the one chance to take good care of feral cats who unlikely to ever see a vet. Not only do we neuter them, we also check for other ailments that we can help with all in one trip. Our group of volunteers take extra care to make sure the cats experience an easy, comfortable, and clean clinic visit!

See what a day at one of our monthly clinics looks like.

Day After: headed home

The day after clinic, the cats that are ready to go back home are returned. Some cats are kept in foster homes until they are healthy enough to “return to work”. Tame kittens are sent to be adopted so they can live in comfy homes.