How You Can Help


While we certainly welcome one-time donations, please consider an automatic monthly donation which allows NCFF to better budget and pay for our clinics throughout the entire year. Your gift will have a direct impact on improving the lives and health of our community’s outside cats, ultimately reducing the numbers of homeless cats and decreasing the number that are killed in our shelters every year. As a result of our efforts and your support, we have also greatly increased the number of adoptions of neutered/spayed feral kittens.

Supporting NCFF through an automatic monthly gift is a fantastic investment! And, your donation is tax deductible. Remember, 100% of your donation goes directly to helping our community’s needy cats.  Making an automatic monthly donation allows NCFF to put your hard-earned money to work for the cats instead of toward constant fundraising efforts. We promise not to deluge you with donation solicitations!

Donation Levels:

Kitten: $10 a month – Provides vaccinations for one cat per month.

Mouser: $15 Level – Feeds a colony of cats for a month.

Tabby: $25 Level – Provides life-saving antibiotics for one wounded cat for a month.

“PWDITAT”: $50 Level – Spay/neuter and vaccinate one cat/kitten per month.

“Pudding”: $100 Level – Provide life-saving veterinarian care to one sick or injured cat for a month.

Tomcat: $250 Level – Spay/neuter and vaccinate five cats/kittens for a month!

“Rusty”: $500 Level – Spay/neuter and vaccinate ten cats/kittens for a month!

“Scarlett”: $1,500 Level – Covers the cost of one mini-TNR clinic (42 cats).

“Tara”: $2,500 Level – Covers the cost of one large TNR clinic (70 cats).

*All names in quotes above are real-life hero cats.


To volunteer, please fill out the application below and send it to Cindy Fravel at

Click HERE to Download Our Volunteer Application

Want to get involved with Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals? Have colonies that need to be altered? Call for an appointment (970-224-1467). No walk-ins, please.

We are always looking for volunteers to assist with our monthly TNR days. Here are some ways you can help:


Friends of FeralsTrappers are needed to go to colonies, set humane traps with bait, cover traps as soon as cats are trapped and transport them to our holding area to await surgery. Traps are always covered and traps are never left unattended.


Friends of FeralsVolunteers with moderately large vehicles are needed to transport cats to clinics and back to the recuperation area. After recovery, cats need to be transported back to their colonies and released..oh happy day!

Veterinary Technicians

Friends of FeralsClinics are held at least monthly and veterinary technicians are needed to assist our veterinarians with induction, surgical prep, surgery and recovery. Our ferals receive the same standard of care as any domestic, client-owned cat. We figure they have been through enough in their lives already and deserve the best medical care we can afford to give them!

Fundraising, Social Media, Newsletters

Friends of FeralsThese are areas that need development and we would welcome your creativity and time.

Foster Homes

Friends of FeralsFoster homes are often needed for undersocialized kittens and strays awaiting adoption homes. All fosters go through our partners, the Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Animal Rescue of the Rockies.

For Feral Cats Needing Homes

Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals only relocates feral cats when there is no other choice and the cats are either no longer being fed or in danger of being rounded up by animal control groups and killed. Feral cats are attached to their territories and those who are feeding them. What looks like an unpleasant living place to us is what the cats call home. They are at home in alleys, junkyards, vacant lots and urban areas. Relocating is extremely stressful and there are no guarantees that the cats will be safer or happier or even survive in a new location. It is difficult for us to find barn homes as there are more cats in need than there are barn homes to accommodate them.

For Barn Homes Needing Feral Cats

Feral cats often provide a valuable service in keeping down the rodent population. If you feel you can provide a home in return for mousers, please contact Leslie Vogt at 970-224-1467.

We do not charge for the feral cats we place in barn homes, we do however require that you feed them regularly. It helps them to be better hunters, and keeps them at home on your property. If you decide that you can provide a barn home for two or more feral cats we ask the following:

1) That you adopt at least 2 (at the same time from the same colony), so that not everything in their world is totally new and scary.

2) That you keep them contained somehow in a feed room, or tack room for 3 weeks or more until they get used to the routine around your place, the comings and goings, the noises and the other animals that may be present. During this time they will begin to associate you with good things, such as food. After a few weeks, they may decide that this is their new home and stick around instead of just fleeing in panic when you let them out. It is normal for them to hide in the barn for a while until they learn to trust their new caretaker.

3) That you continue to feed them regularly and provide medical care in emergencies

A GREAT and painless way to help is by using Amazon Smile when shopping online. NCFF is signed up to receive a percentage of sales when you use this link:

Community First Foundation has accepted Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals as one of its 1700 members. Donating to us through them will enable us to participate in their large pool of donation funds.

We are also in need of contributions in order to meet our 2017 goal of helping another 1100 cats (surprise, surprise!). Because we are an all volunteer organization, all donations go to pay for medical supplies and vaccines.

To donate by mail, please send to:
Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals
4820 Eagle Lake Dr
Fort Collins, CO 80524

DONATE online through PayPal or Colorado Gives (see home page)