Grants received by NCFF

Northern Colorado Friends of ferals applies for grants to fund its operations. As of January 30, 2014 we have received the following grants:

Larimer Veterinary Medical Association grant $1600
Mullins Foundation grant $850
Foundation for Animal Protection $3000
American Association of Feline Practitioners Dick Memorial Foundation $450
Linnea Dick Memorial Foundation $250
On Shore Foundation Aug 2011 $500
Animal Assistance Foundation $4855
Onshore Foundation Aug, 2012 $500
Alice Jenkins Foundation Sept 2012, $1100
Bernie Barbour Foundation December, 2012, $500
Foundation for the Protection of Animals Sept, 2012 $3000
Animal Assistance Foundation May 2013 $7500
Change Gangs June 2013 $322
Alley Cat Allies September 2013 $1100 in food and supplies for flood cats
Animal Assistance Foundation November 2013 $10,000 to purchase a transport van.
Best Friends    $1900    2014
Foundation for Protection of Animals…$1500..March 2014
Walmart..$1500 to cover expenses for the Sterling clinic June 13,14,15
Walmart…$500…October 2014
Onshore Foundation…$1000 September 2014
Sterling City Council…funding for two mega-clinics in Sterling
El Pomar/Freda Hambrick …$3000…December 2014
Animal Planet… Donation of $500 for filming
Best Friends…$1000 for Cheyenne cats…April 2015

Tigertree Foundation…$5000 for anesthesia machines…2015
Summerlee Foundation…$4000…February 2016
Animal Assistance Foundation..2016..for Weld County Spay/Neuters…$6000

Tigertree Foundation…$6000 for TNR

Thank you donors!!!!

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