Who We Are

Mission statement: The mission of Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals is to reduce the number of homeless and stray cats through its Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) clinics. For each cat or kitten that we “fix,” countless lives are saved by decreasing the number of kittens brought into the world and by reducing the numbers of cats that end up in shelters. We provide each cat or kitten we treat with the vaccinations and medical care they may need to live healthy lives. The community benefits as much as the cats.

Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals

Alley Cat Allies estimates 80% of all ferals are intact and only 2% of domestic cats are intact, thus the problem must be coming largely from the feral population breeding constantly.

When the light bulb went off, we enlisted the help of Alley Cat Allies’ research and our local no-kill cat shelter to put together the resources we needed to begin our trap-neuter/spay-release (TNR) program. Our goal for the first year was to trap, alter and vaccinate 500 feral cats in northern Colorado. We had no idea how we would do it or where the funds would come from, but the universe was in sync with us and we accomplished our goal. By the end of our second year we had altered 1,025 cats, found homes for 77 kittens, relocated 63 ferals, and rescued 43 ear-tipped cats from local shelters.

Friends of Ferals
Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals Cofounder Leslie Vogt
Friends of Ferals
Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals Cofounder, Jan Link

Colorado Friends of Ferals (NCFF) was started in March, 2009 by Leslie Vogt and Jan Link, president and vice president, respectively. Other board members include:

  • Cindy Fravel
  • Kristin Parsons
  • Tom Cochran
  • Laura Schafer
  • Jan Link

NCFF is grateful to have many generous volunteers who give their time to trap, work in our clinics as vet techs and surgeons, foster cats and kittens, do mountains of laundry, clean traps, and do anything else that is needed. We are especially grateful for our veterinarians, Drs:Lauren Abrahamsen, Sasha Richardson, Tom Welsh, Amanda Payne, Meghann Berglund, Kelsey Stocks and Joseph Sharroc

Several clinics in Fort Collins, Loveland and Wellington have provided clinic space, medical supplies and veterinary help. Big thanks to Dr. Tom Welsh, Dr. Jill Weich of Fossil Ridge Animal Clinic in Fort Collins, Dr. Lauren Abrahamsen and Blue Sky Animal Hospital. Without their generous help we would not have been able to do half the alterations we have done since we began.

NCFF is continually grateful to  Animal Rescue of the Rockies who fosters young kittens and strays and find homes for them.

And, of course, NCFF would not be possible without the help of our generous donors.

Thanks to you all, we are making a big difference!