Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals

DSCF1970 (640x480)     Welcome to the online home of Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals.


We are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to bettering the lives of feral cats in Northern Colorado.

We have altered and vaccinated 5062 cats in 7 years of operation. 700 stray cats and kittens have found homes through no-kill shelters and 200 feral cats have found barn homes.

Each month we trap, spay or neuter, and return feral cats to their colonies. This approach, called “TNR” (for trap/neuter/return), is the most efficient and humane way of decreasing feral cat  numbers and stopping the euthanasia of these cats at shelters.

Check out these recent articles spreading the word about the great work being done in Larimer and Weld Weld County:
“The Fine Friends of Feral Cats” – Style Medical & Wellness. Go to page 52 of the issue in this link.

“Cat trappers try to keep Weld’s feral colonies under control” – Greeley Tribune

“Veternarians, technicians, volunteers spay or neuter 70 feral cats over weekend” – Windsor Now